About Me


I’m Preethi 😎 (minus the shades and yellow skin)

I’m a programmer from Delhi, India. I also do freelance writing from time to time, on frontend technologies.

I’m primarily a .NET developer and have worked with Java, as well. My blog though is mainly about frontend – HTML, CSS, JS.

My work mostly consist of developing management systems, like CMS, for intranet services. Not the kind people would think “adventurous” 👽

As a backend developer, I haven’t ever really gone on a Google search marathon for things I didn’t know. Mostly because the IDEs I use and the stacks of books on my work desk got my back: they tell me everything I need to know about the code I’m working with.

In frontend, however, as “simple” as it is to get started, to go beyond the beginner phase, and remain up-to-date with what’s new and how to use what’s new is something I’ve highly relied on the awesome folks who share online what they know and found out.

Being also a full-stack developer, there are days I’m surprised by what I’d just learned I can do in HTML! That’s what keeps me interested in frontend: the seeming simplicity and real complexity of it. So, eventually, with experience, as I gained more and more knowledge of frontend and sageness of what to do with what I know 🧝‍♀️, I decided it’d be nice to share them with others.

At first it was just my freelance writing that did that job for me, but eventually I realised that not all useful things need be explained in 1000 words and thus can’t really be used in my freelance gig.

That’s why I created this blog. This way I can tell you anything useful I learned and also have an archive for myself I can refer back to in a pinch.

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Other than coding and writing, I also like photography and thriller novels (preferably not horror ones 👻, but Stephen King doesn’t go by my wishes so I make do with what I can get)

I’ve a starter DSLR that I keep pointing at things that people might find bizarre, taking pictures, and imagining myself as a national geographic photographer who has just taken a picture of a rare frog species 🐸. Love that hobby of mine, and the imagination.

That’s it! Wrapping up my uber-long intro of myself and my blog, I hope you’ll enjoy the blog and help me share it with others.

I’ll keep you posted with new blog content via tweets, so follow me, @rpsthecoder, in Twitter.

Good Luck.