amber the first time

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amber the first time

It's taken me a long time, but I have finally decided to put pen to paper real forced anal against her will on how Amber became my lovely shared wife.A little information about us to begin with, I met my wife Amber when we were both 18 and we eventually married when we were 23, Amber is not and never has been a super like a lot we read about on these sites, just a moderately attractive with some sexy bits that were all in the right places.

In the years before we married the nearest we got to sex was heavy petting which found me on many occasions almost cumming in my pants with lust and frustration. I stupidly thought being married would sort everything out sexually for us both straight, oh no not a bit of it I was sure the gods were plotting against us,we couldn't believe it Amber started her period on our wedding day making the honeymoon a sexual disaster. For the next few months the same frustrations were going to haunt us both, as much has Amber with much coaxing from me tried, she just could not relax during sex. I loved her so much but I began to believe I was in what seemed a sexless marriage as she was so frigid.

Salvation came from an unusual source by the name off Bob, Bob had been my mentor when I first started work a and a friendship that had remained strong over a long period. Bob who is several years older than me listened with interest when I told him my problem, he showed great feeling and said he would see if he could help in some way.

A few weeks later Amber and I went to our local pub for a drink and there he was,just like Bob he was drinking cider so we were drinking cider. We left the pub with Amber a little worse for wear, we only lived a few minutes away and on the route we would pass Bob's flat and he kindly invited us in for coffee.

All evening he had been complementing Amber on how good she was looking how he loved her summer dress it was backless and cut above her knee, she kept blushing but I'm sure she was enjoying it. In the flat he kept on saying she should turn her summer dress round,has it was backless we all new that her tits would be on show if she dared, when I joined in with him she started to wain, flustered with the drink and her own excitment and after a few more minutes she disappeared into the bathroom. Amber came back into the room she was trying to cover herself hands across her tits and was succeeding until I pulled her onto the settee and she found herself between us,two pairs of hands on her tits fondling her lovingly then we were biting her tits concentrating on her nipples I heard a slight moan escape her lips. when my hand started to wander under her hemline and onto her thigh I found out Bob had beaten me to it his hand was stroking her pussy lips through her panties.

As my fingers touched her panties they felt more than a little wet,I was surprised has Bob's hand disappeared and when I next looked up I saw he was sat in a kitchen chair naked and with a stomping hard-on. I lead Amber to him she was just staring at his cock, no bigger than mine but fucking all veined with a deep purple head and a big bend to one side. I pulled her panties down and coaxed her so she was hovering over Bob's lap, he pushed up her dress and took her ass cheeks in his hands and lowered her onto his crimson head I was on my haunches watching him has he started to stretch her cunt lips I was only inches away watching my wife being used by someone who to her was a virtual stranger, he entered Amber so easily first the head then the full length up to his balls, he started to pump into her using her xnxxv sunny leone video arse cheeks between his hands to lift and lower her. I watched for what seemed like an age but in it was very quick they were both cumming in seconds, for Amber this was a first having orgasm with a cock up her cunt and she was loving it for Bob well he told me later this was his first fuck for months.

I lifted Amber gently from him I could see her thighs were awash with his sperm, I quickly lowered her to the carpet and getting between her legs I slid into her very wet and warm twat, her legs moved round my back pulling me in, has she pulled me in she had yet another orgasm even bigger than the first. All the time I was Bob was sat watching and playing with his cock, Amber was also unknown to me watching him over my shoulder. I finished and pulled my flaccid cock from her cunt.Bob this time didn't say anything just turned her onto her knees and slid up her twat diggie style.

They were both overcome with lust as I watched with a glowing feeling in my body happy to see Amber so sexually relaxed at last and being used by my friend, Bob lasted for an age this second time his cock pounding into Amber's and swollen with use, after about twenty minutes his ass cheeks tensed he started to fill my wife with his spunk and Amber herself was brought to another tremendous spine tingling orgasm she told me it was her fifth.I watched has he left her, she just collapsed full length onto the floor she had cum dripping from her sodden pussy and that now familiar filthy look in her eye.

Has Amber and I walked home her head was resting on my shoulder she was cooing to me all the way. one remark she made lead me to believe life would never be the same again for Amber and I, firstly she asked would we see Bob again, and then simply said that has she'd watched Bob with his cock in his hands on the settee and she'd wished that there were more men sat with him.