Author: Preethi

Naming boolean variables

productivity / webdev

Whether you’re naming human babies or variables in code, the struggle is real. Okay, that maybe was a little exaggerated — naming babies is much easier. So, let’s take a look at a naming rule for boolean that most folks follow and is kinda awesome.

Using Base URLs in Codepen Pens

productivity / webdev

Using Codepen more and more, often to experiment and for demos to show the code I’m working with, I’ve learned to make my Codepen workflow smoother with little tacks here and there. One of which is finding a way to avoid repeating a same base URL in the HTML, in Pens. Here’s what I mean…

CSS Counter and Radio Buttons


I’ll be honest. The one ☝️ thing I’ve not much used CSS Counter for is numbering headings which ironically is the prime example shown in all its tutorials. Although counting header elements is EXTREMELY useful, I’ve found more use for Counter with other elements.