Author: Preethi

How to Use Emojis as Icons


Icons have become an important part of web designs. Granted there are many online resources (both free and paid) for icons, we still should be able to use the one style of symbols we already have and are uber familiar with — emojis, as icons. Advertisements

Vertical Alignment for Inline Boxes


I’ve seen CSS vertical-align used only in table cells before, also, in the centering technique where an element with a display:table parent gets display:table-cell and vertical-align:middle to center its contents, vertically. But who knew, this property is even more useful in a place that’s not a table cell…

CSS Visibility Option: Collapse


You’re probably already familiar with the visibility CSS property. We use it to hide or show something on the page by toggling its value between visible and hidden. But there’s a third value you might not have noticed yet.