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We’ve heard it all before: healthy diet, regular exercise and stress reduction, the pillars of good health. But even all those combined can’t keep us from the health issues that our work induces in us.

Better ergonomics? Sure, why not? But for how long will it be effective? How long before you go back to your previous posture or how long before the new ergonomics starts giving you pain, too?

Personally, I’ve struggled a lot with having to sit in front of a computer for long for work.

One day, however, I stumbled across a possible solution to my work related health woes and at first I thought, “Not possible. A massage? Really? That’s what people do to relax in vacation! It’s silly.”

Before you think the same, read till the end, because I was wrong.

An acquaintance of mine was suffering from chronic lower back pain from all the standing he had to do in his job. He went to a physiotherapist who informed him that everybody, even children, should pay attention to overuse of certain muscles on their bodies.

Of course, we all have jobs and other responsibilities that we can’t just ignore saying, “I’m resting my overused muscles,” because then we’ll be unemployed before we could say “muscles.”

His doctor recommended him to stretch his back muscles twice everyday and if possible, during breaks in the workplace. Then, most importantly, get a deep back massage once a week.

Initially, this seemed like one of those generic “drink eight glasses of water everyday” advice doctors give for overall health. But the guy said it worked for him and I myself was suffering from a chronic muscle pain so this whole thing intrigued me.

Lifting my wrists and typing was becoming very painful. I managed somehow by taking frequent breaks and completely resting them during weekends.

When he told me how the regular massage worked for him, I wanted to give it a try. Everyday I stretched my wrists (wouldn’t call it an “exercise”) twice: morning and night, plus a quick stretch during coffee breaks. Then in the weekend, I massaged them for a solid 15 to 20 minutes. I know, it sounds ridiculously long, especially for a couple of wrists, but believe me it was miraculous.

The pain was gone. I stopped massaging every week. I do it, maybe once a month, now. I still stretch my wrists everyday and if I remember to, also during breaks.

Researches have shown that regular stretch and massaging not only help chronic muscle pain but also prevent muscle-related injuries. Bonus: they increase your immunity and lower blood sugar level!

One of the biggest health issues with sitting in front of a computer all day long is back pain, followed by neck pain and then headaches. These can be cured and prevented by regular massages that’ll reduce the stress on the muscles and keep them healthy.

Once a week massage sounds going overboard, but give it a try and see for yourself. Either get a professional massage or DIY. All I can say is that if you’re suffering from chronic muscle pains from typing away on a screen, wouldn’t you like them gone? This is worth a shot.

Take care 🙃

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